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Solar Panels Unleashed || Empowering Your Choice for Sustainable Power

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Solar panels

Investing in Solar companies in Australia to produce your own electricity locally makes sense. But it is still necessary that the power of the solar panels is correctly sized so that the production is in adequacy with the needs. Here is a guide to understand what the power of a Solar manufacturer in Australia means and to calculate the power of its installation as accurately as possible.

Power of photovoltaic solar panels

Peak power: The power of the photovoltaic modules is expressed in “peak” Watts, denoted Wc. This is the maximum power (hence the term “peak”) that the solar panel will produce under standardized conditions. This data is therefore used to compare the power of the panels with each other. A photovoltaic module generally has a power of between 375 and 500 Wp. On the technical sheets, you will also find Watt “peak” or Wp. It is strictly the same unit, expressed in English.

Real power: But be careful, the “peak” power does not quite correspond to the real power since it is placed in optimal conditions. In practice, a solar panel produces around 75% of its peak power in good conditions. You can refer to the NOCT characteristics of the datasheet, closer to the real conditions. We also note for example that also a 405 Wp panel produces 306 W in practice.

Solar panels and installation conditions

In addition, the power delivered by the Solar Panel in Australia also depends on the installation conditions.


Orientation and inclination: In France, the best annual production is obtained with an inclination of 30° and a southern orientation. It decreases when we deviate from these standards.

However, if you want to favour self-consumption, it is quite possible to aim for a steeper slope to favor production in winter (45°). East/west orientations to increase the production time over the day can also be studied.

Geographic location: It makes sense, the sunnier a region, the more electricity the panels will produce.

Times of production

But to properly size your photovoltaic installation, you must also understand when the tindo solar panels produce electricity.

Power at time T: On the scale of a day, the panels produce only when there is sunshine. The power curve is often “serrated” because the production varies according to the cloud cover. On a sunny day, we observe a perfect parabola of best solar panels. On a south-facing installation, production increases until it reaches its peak around noon.

Power of solar panels 

To calculate the power of its installation in Solar companies in Australia, it is therefore necessary to start by understanding its electricity consumption.

Thus, do not consider the electric heating to calculate the total power of its installation. Indeed, the electric heating intervenes in winter (lowest production) and rather at the time when there is no sun (morning and evening). The reasoning is different for an electric water heater that can be scheduled during the day. Consult our article dedicated to the optimisation of self-consumption to find out more.

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