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Snap and Sign Up: Event Registration on YouTube Shorts!

by Henry James
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Youtube Shorts for events

YouTube is one of the social media platforms which is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. It is not just a platform for influencers, gamers and YouTubers. Now it has become a privilege for event marketers too. YouTube has offered various opportunities for seamless event registrations to event planners/organizers.

Recently YouTube has launched an amazing feature called YouTube Shorts. You can use shorts for the short video content and to promote your event registration.

In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of YouTube shorts and their features for your event registration/ticketing and further promotion. So without further ado, let’s delve into:

Youtube: A Brief Overview

Youtube launched in 2005 is a social media platform with more than 3 billion monthly active users who continuously watch a billion hours of video every day. It is a platform which supports the streaming of video-based content to viewers across the world over the Internet. You can stream any video live with YouTube live streaming services or can be a part of pre-recorded or on-demand video streaming.


However, it has become the first choice for the event planner/organisers in terms of event registration and promotion of the event. Being a large social media platform, it attracts viewers globally while increasing engagement and boosting traffic to your event registration.

YouTube And It’s Features

Do you also think that youtube means video streaming? To understand this better, let’s discuss the features of youtube along with its video streaming services. Consider the following services for seamless event registration with YouTube.

YouTube Shorts For Event Registration 

Let us talk about these shorts first. YouTube shorts are one of the inbuilt features of YouTube that allow users to make short video-based content of 30 seconds to 1 minute. With shorts, you can post your short content on your YouTube channel and promote your event registration or other upcoming events. 

However, people like to watch and engage with a variety of videos throughout the whole day. So it is a great chance for event planners/organizers to attract more audience as well as new viewers too. No doubt in fact, that YouTube shorts for event ticketing has proven to be the best because of their increased reach and maximum engagement in a short period of time.

YouTube Live-Streaming Services

YouTube live streaming services refer to streaming of any event in real time on YouTube. Live streaming services offer opportunities to communicate with subscribers. Also, it creates a sense of transparency between the audience and event hosts.

However, live streaming can be done for sports events, interview sessions, and especially the streaming of games. There are no specific boundaries set for events, you can have everything live, like live news, town hall meetings, conferences and many other events. Nowadays, most users like to stream their gaming talent live and as a result, this has become their income source through youtube monetization.

Youtube Video Streaming

Video streaming is the main key feature of Youtube. What do we watch on youtube? It’s only videos, posted by youtubers on their channel. Normally these are pre-recorded videos premiered live on a scheduled time and date. However, you can make a video of a maximum of 12 hours or 256GB on youtube. You’ll not find any video on youtube for more than 12 hours.

Moreover, you can increase the per-day video posting limit by meeting youtube verification criteria. With the video feature, you can interact with the publisher in comments and show your interests through the like and dislike buttons. Also, you can share your favourite video with your knowns.

Youtube Community 

Here comes the most unrated feature of YouTube. Community is one of the inbuilt tools in YouTube. Event planners / Youtubers can post images, GIFs and details on the community tab for reach and greater engagement on the YouTube channel. This community tab creates a sense of excitement and hype among subscribers about the event. 

However, not everyone on YouTube has access to the community tab feature. To have these features, one has to match a few requirements and criteria.

Why Youtube Shorts Are Best For Event Registration?

Undoubtedly, YouTube Shorts are the best short video content that makes your event a successful one. Here are a few key components that are why you should consider using a YouTube shorts strategy for events:

Increased Reach

YouTube shorts are the best way to increase reach through short videos. Shorts are popular because of their digestible and easy format. With the help of compelling shorts, you can reach a broader audience and end up making them your subscriber. However, YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform, and in which shorts already have gained popularity with its short and crisp content that doesn’t consume much time.

Attention-Grabbing Content

No doubt in fact that, your promotion for event registration can stand out from the crowd using Youtube shorts. Shorts are created and designed in such a way that it easily catches the attention of your subscribers and even non-subscribers. Shareable vertical format and visually appealing content attract the interest of audience at the first sight.

Cross-Event Promotion Opportunities

YouTube shorts come with a major advantage and that is, they can be easily shared across multiple platforms and social media. You can share your shorts on Facebook live streaming services and Instagram, twitch and many other social media platforms are on the list. By doing so you can amplify your reach and potential subscribers.

Summing Up: 

By the end of this blog, we’ve discussed the amazing features of YouTube and the role of  YouTube shorts in event ticketing and its promotion. After that, we talked about the benefits of using shorts for your event registration. Therefore, go through above mentioned features and use YouTube live-streaming services to get more reach and subscribers on your channel.

Hope you learned something from this blog. Thank you for reading!

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