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Maximising Energy Efficiency with Clipsal LED Dimmers: Tips and Tricks

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Clipsal LED dimmers

LED Dimmers are devices that allow you to dim or illuminate an LED light bulb. However, an LED dimmer can be only used with a dimmable LED bulb. If you install a dimmer with a non-dimmable LED light, it will seriously reduce the lifespan of the light bulb and the dimmer itself.  

Consequently, installing an LED light with a dimmer can significantly improve the lighting quality of your house. Also, it can save you a couple of bucks by saving energy. Keep reading to learn more about the tips and tricks for maximum energy efficiency with Clipsal LED dimmers.

Benefits of Installing Clipsal LED Dimmers in Your House

Since most lighting used in modern houses is already LED, it saves a lot of energy. By installing a LED dimmer, you can control these lights according to your needs and increase the energy efficiency of your house. Here are all the benefits you get by investing in a LED Dimmer for your humble abode:

  • Maximises the Usage of Daylight 

If your house has multiple glass panels and windows, it is not going to require much artificial light during the day. Use LED dimmers to reduce the illumination of light to let the daylight work its magic. 

  • Increases the Lifespan of the Lights

Controlled dimming and illumination of indoor lights can substantially increase the lifespan of light bulbs. Reducing the power of lights during the day and increasing it at night will reduce the cost of rapid light bulb changes. 

  • Maximises Energy Efficiency of Your House

Using LED dimmers can help you reduce energy wastage in your house. This will not only save you from paying hefty electricity bills but also provide a positive environmental impact. 

  • Helps in Customising the Lights of Your House

You do not always need lights on at their maximum brightness. Sometimes only a bit of lighting is enough to get your job done. In fact, some places and corners of houses do not need too much light. Customising lights according to the need can increase the appeal of your house. 

Tips and Tricks to Save Energy with Clipsal LED Dimmers

A dimmable LED lamp has multiple advantages. Australian electrical wholesalers also recommend using LED dimers to save energy. Here is a list of tips and tricks you should use to save energy with Clipsal LED Dimmers:

  • Minimise the illumination of LED lights during the day so that daylight coming from windows and glass panels is used.
  • Some corners do not require so many lights. Install LED dimmers to control the light of such places when required.
  • Places such as bathrooms and stairs do not require intense lighting. Install dimmers here to reduce the illumination of such places. You can also increase it whenever you require the lights by switching up the levels of the dimmer.
  • Install a dimmer with a dimmable led bulb. It will last longer than a lower-powered normal LED bulb, thus reducing your carbon footprint. 
  • Lower the levels of illumination with the dimmer by 50%, thus the light bulb will use 50% less energy.

Types of Clipsal LED Dimmers

Make your home smarter with Clipsal LED dimmers. Clipsal offers multiple standard lighting controls to increase the functionality of your home. Here are some popular LED dimmers recommended by Australian electrical wholesalers:

  • Push-button Dimmer: This is the most used dimmer in Australia. You can control the levels of illumination with the push of a button. Also, if you have a constrained budget to operate with, push-button dimmers are the best options available for you. 
  • PIR Motion Sensing Dimmers: These are motion-sensing dimmers. PIR Motion Sensing Dimmers operate with a gesture of hands or certain movements like the opening and closing of doors. 
  • Rotary Dimmer: There are small knobs in these dimmers. Rotating the knobs will adjust the levels of illumination. Such dimmers are children-friendly since these do not involve the action of pushing a button.
  • Wiser Dimmer: Using wiser dimmers involves the integration of smartphones with the dimmer. You need to install the Wiser Room App on your smartphone to operate the lights of your home. 

Improve the functionality and beauty quotient of your house by installing a Clipsal LED dimmer. Using such innovations will not only help you save a lot of bucks from electricity bills but also parallelly increase the functionality of your house. Keep these factors in mind while purchasing LED dimmers.

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