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How to Improve Memory for Studying?

by Kajal Verma
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Are you a parent seeking to improve your child’s memory for studying? Whether your child is in the best primary school in Nagpur or any educational institution, having an effective memory is essential for their academic success. In this guide, we will explore nine proven steps to enhance your child’s memory, helping them retain and remember information more efficiently. 

By implementing these techniques, students can optimise their study sessions and excel academically.

9 Steps to Enhancing Memory for Studying

Ensure Proper Sleep

One of the primary reasons for poor memory is insufficient sleep. Children who do not sleep properly will lack the energy to concentrate on their tasks. Hence, they must sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night to concentrate and perform well. 


Maintain Healthy Diet

The diet also plays a significant role in maintaining the alertness of the mind. Deep-fried and unhealthy foods can cause sluggishness. If students study in this situation, anything they learn will not stay in their memory. Hence, a student’s diet should include nutritious food that keeps them alert, healthy, and active. Once their daily nutritional requirements get fulfilled, their focus and memorising abilities will automatically improve.

Eliminate Distractions

Another tip is to eliminate distractions while studying. Keep cell phones and other electronic items away from children when they are studying. Eliminating distractions can help improve concentration, eventually boosting memory for study.

Practical Teaching Practices 

During international school admissions, always look for a school for your child that emphasise practical teaching practices. Practical activities are interesting and highly engaging in nature. Moreover, anything a student learns through practical experiences stays with them for a long time, eventually improving their overall academic score.

Planned Time Table

Another vital tip for improved memory is a planned timetable. Time management is the key to keeping things sorted and ensuring no stress related to academics or learning. Stressed students need more focus and the ability to perform to their full potential. Parents and educators can sit with students and curate a timetable that works for them. 

Motivational Sessions

Many schools conduct motivational speeches and seminars to keep students encouraged. Listening to success stories or hardships of successful people motivates students to give their best. 

Break the Monotony 

It is significant to break the monotony and give some time off to students. It will help rejuvenate their minds and motivate them to work. The simple way to do this is by keeping some spare time between the study sessions or encouraging students to participate in sports and other co-curricular activities. 

Personalised Learning

Improved focus also comes from fruitful teaching methodologies. During the international school admission, check if the institute you plan to choose focuses on understanding the learning pattern of students. Once educators can provide a personalised learning experience, students will feel more comfortable, and their focus will improve. 

Use mnemonic devices

Mnemonics, such as acronyms, visual imagery, and rhymes, can help students retain information by creating memorable associations.



These simple yet effective tips can help improve students’ memory and boost their focus. It will eventually help them concentrate better, and their academic performance will improve exponentially.

Remember, consistently applying these techniques, commitment, and determination will help students excel in their studies and succeed in their educational journey at the best primary school in Nagpur or other educational institutions.

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