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Farmer’s Dog Food: Pricing and Reviews

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Farmer Dog Food Price

Having a dog owner might be very pleasing to you, and you love spending time with your canine companion. When it comes to feeding your dog you will be very concerned about it as you want to offer them a complete nutritional diet that will make them healthy and happy.

To meet the requirements of a dog, Farmer’s Dog Food comes to the rescue and offers optimum nutritional value that your dog loves having.  

In this post, we will give you an insight into farmer dog food price and review. So let’s get straight into it.

What is Farmer’s Dog Food

Formulated with fresh, nutritionally balanced human-grade food Farmer’s Dog food offers the optimum nutrient to your pup. It is a perfect vet-developed meal formulated by two dog lovers in 2015. A whole grain food does not have much impact on your pup’s health like this premium dog food has. Offering your dog complete nutrition Farmer’s dog food is affordable and accessible to anyone and maintains all safety standards while delivering to you. 


The ingredients of Farmer’s dog food is human-grade and sourced from restaurant suppliers, local farms, or other human food suppliers. The food is prepared with natural ingredients which is shelf-stable. 

When it comes to feeding your dog, it is essential to know how much does farmer’s dog cost.

How Much Does Farmer’s Dog Cost

The prices of a Farmer’s dog are just an idea but they may vary depending on your dog’s size, breed, age, and many more factors. In addition, the recipe from the various options you choose from may affect farmer’s dog food cost, as the beef recipe has a quite low price than other meat recipes. 

Still, we give you an idea at least $2.60 per day. The price may go up to $10 per day for a large breed dog while for the mid-sized dog the price needs to be around $4 – $6 per day. Without any discount applied.

How Much is the Farmer’s Dog Per Week

Before opting for farmer’s Dog food for your pooch you must wish to know how much is the farmer’s dog per week. 

$17.50+ per week for 5-lb. dogs

$28–$42 per week for 25–50-lb. dogs

$70 per week for 100-lb. dogs

So, we have done thorough research for various dog breeds, their size, and requirements for food along with the cost per feed . Have a look 

Cost of Farmer’s Dog Food Per day(2 meals per day) Per month
6 lb. Yorkshire Terrier $2.60  $78.08
30lb Corgi $5.35 $160.59
50 Lb Mixed Breed  $7.73  $232.15

As we all know opting for fresh dog feed might be expensive, but the fact is an average American spends $63 per month for their pet on relatively lower quality food.

After knowing how much is the farmer’s dog per month, you may desire to save some bucks on the food of your pooch. Henceforth, Farmer’s Dog Food has a topper plan that offers a smaller portion of fresh food to mix with your dog’s current kibble and feed your pooch.

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