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Road Discomfort? : Avoid Back Pain during Long Drive with These Tips

by Akash Rathi
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Who does not like to go on a road trip? The idea will excite you and have you counting the days until the trip. But if you get back pain from sitting in the car for too long, you can find relief with the proper measures. There are multiple ways you can avoid back pain during long drive.

Accessories for Your Car Seat

When you think of car accessories, you mostly think of the ones that will “decorate” the space. Well, car seat accessories are usually more for practical purposes. To choose from the best car seat cushion for long distance driving, you can select from the brand Elegant.

You do not want things to lie around and create a mess. Here, seat accessories like the car hook, shoulder pads, headrests, armrests, and back organisers make it easy to carry multiple items without messing up. These luxury car seat accessories for comfort in India are worth the investment. 

Why do You get Back Pain from Sitting on Car Seats?

Are you experiencing back pain after seating on the car seats for hours? You are not the only one facing this apprehension. Many experience this. But what exactly is the cause or causes? Well, there are a few reasons why you experience this. Sitting in one posture may exert excessive pressure on that area leading to pain. 


Sitting in the incorrect position and sitting like that for hours can also lead to back pain. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the correct posture and adjust your seat accordingly. The lack of doing so can lead to permanent health repercussions. 

Avoid Back Pain during Long Drive with These Tips

1 Have Adequate Lumbar Support

As you sit for hours in the seat, your back needs support. You can use a seat cushion for lumbar support. It ensures that your weight and body pressure are equally distributed throughout. If you hunch while you sit, your spine will deviate from the original shape. Therefore, always align your spine with the seat.

If you want to access the steering wheel from a comfortable position, adjust the seat. Keep the tailbone as close as possible to the seat. Maintain a little gap between your knees and the front of the seat. It helps to back pain during long drive.

2 Lift Your Hips 

Adjust your seat so that your thighs have more support. Make sure that the knees are a lower height than the hips. It helps increase blood circulation and opens up space for the hips to rest.

3 Adjust the Seat to the Right Height

It is essential to have a seat at the right height. Maintain a sitting posture of 90 degrees. If it is possible, you can make it 100 degrees. It puts the least amount of pressure on your back and neck. 

4 Cruise Control

Most cars have this feature. It allows you to take your feet off the pedals and maintain a constant speed of your vehicle. While using the cruise control, you can bend your legs and find momentary comfort. It reduces the load on your back. It is a nice break and saves you from feeling back pain during long drive.

5 Take Breaks during a Long Drive 

Your body mustn’t take too much pressure. So, do not fret and take some breaks during the long drive. Stop the car and rest if you experience back pain during long drive.

You can sit quietly or take a walk. Try stretching poses to relieve the muscle tension from your back, shoulders, and lumbar region.

Car Seat Cushion- Your Saviour

Align your whole back against your seat. If you want to access the steering wheel, you must adjust the seat. What is the purpose of lumbar support? A lumbar support is adjustable and applies even pressure on the hips and the shoulders. 

Your back will find the perfect support in the memory foam cushion. It will take the shape of your back and provide support. It also evenly distributes the weight. Not just that, it also absorbs the shocks from the jerking the car goes through. It is the perfect solution to your back pain during long drive. 

You can use a lumbar pillow to release and even out the pressure from the hips to the shoulders. The car seat cushion is soft and plush. The best thing about it is its material- memory foam. The memory foam “hugs” your shape, and you can sink into the pillow.


Do not slump or hunch while driving. Use a car seat cushion for support. You can also use headrests from Carorbis.com to keep your spine and head in the exact alignment. Maintaining such practices and using cruise control occasionally will help you avoid back pain during long drive.

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